Historia de un letero, The Story of a Sign

This is a powerful video on a very emotional level. Every person who watches this video must have some sort of connection with it. I think we watched this video as our first introductory to the course because it shows the importance of language. I believe that language is our most powerful asset as humans. It can be used in both positive and negative ways. It can be used as a means of comfort and assistance, or as a way of pain and cruelty. In this video, one sees an obviously wealthy man use his language skills to help a poor, desolate man who has no means of helping himself. By changing the words on the blind mans sign, the wealthy man created a whole new meaning based on emotion. People can relate more on an emotional standpoint, and therefore were more willing to help the blind man.
As decent human beings, we need to understand the power our words can have, especially as writers. We have the ability to bring comfort and joy, but we must know how to use our language properly.


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