Language and Knowledge

During class we were asked the question, do you need language to have knowledge? At first I thought, no way! Knowledge has nothing to do with language. A mute person can be extremely knowledgeable, even though they do not have the language to express this knowledge. Then I realized I was extremely wrong.  A mute person communicates through the use of sigh language. This made think about the question again and analyze it. Can we truly be knowledgeable without the use of language? Well for one thing, we can’t become knowledgeable without language. Language is the basis for everything, and it is one of the main ways that we become knowledgeable. Without language we could not share our knowledge, and therefore we do need language to have knowledge.

Then there is the point that we can learn through doing; this is also very true. We all learn through our experiences, such as a child learning the stove is hot from putting their hand on it. The first humans learned through their experiences, but without language we never would have become anything more than cavemen.  We need to communicate in order to share our ideas and knowledge. The same child who places his or her hand on the stove will learn that it is hot, but that child also needs someone to explain it to them in order to fully understand. Language is essential for every aspect of life, especially the learning process.


2 thoughts on “Language and Knowledge

  1. I love your thoughts on this question. I still don’t know the answer myself. I think it’s interesting that you went from thinking that language isn’t necessary to attain or to have knowledge, and then you suddenly changed your mind.
    Do you really think it’s that black and white? I’m not sure it is, which is why I think I’m still super unsure about the answer to this question.
    Perfect moment in the second paragraph where you re-evaluated your ideas. Maybe we can learn by doing, but of course, that child who burned their hands might need a little bit of an explaination (language). Boom. Interesting thoughts indeed! Thanks Kristen (:

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