History of Rhetoric Questions

Something already known: I knew about rhetoric from taking English Comp. My professor extensively went over ethos, pathos, and logos. I considered this extremely valuable, and I have carried it with me throughout many of my classes. I also learned about it in my public speaking class, as it is a great tool to use when making speeches.

Something new: I had no idea that the study of rhetoric dates all the way back to the fifth century B.C.E. I also found it interesting that women, such as Margaret Fell defended women’s’ rights by using ethos, pathos, and logos. I think it’s wonderful that a woman had the courage to stand up for women’s rights using a mans form of speech.

 Questions that arose while reading: While reading this article I only had one question: what is rhetoric? It did a great job of explaining the history of rhetoric, but I felt like there was no definition of what rhetoric is. This is something that I think would be useful to explain in class.


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