Miss Mary


I was so excited to read the Gospel of Mary. I am a religious person, so I love whenever I get to read religious works for class. That being said, I was extremely upset with this Gospel. First off, I am a little confused as to how ten pages of the Gospel are missing. Are they truly missing? Or did someone not want them to be found? Although I am religious, I do strongly believe that the Church was, and possibly still is, corrupt.  Whenever I hear of missing pages of gospels, I always wonder what happened to them, or who didn’t want them to be found. I can’t say that these pages did not go missing because there is no way for me to know, but I personally believe the Church did not want them published. There are no books in the Bible written by women, and the Church might not have wanted a Gospel written by a woman, let along ex prostitute (or so she is thought to be by some).


Quite frankly, this Gospel made me furious! The disciples challenge Mary because she is a woman, not because her vision is false, but because she can have babies! After all, that is all women are good for, right? Women, for the most part, were nothing more than reproductive being back in biblical times, so it is no wonder that men did not believe Mary’s vision. I was outraged when Peter said, “Did He really speak with a woman without our knowledge (and) not openly? Are we to turn about and all listen to her? Did he prefer her to us?” This just shows the ignorance of most men. Levi responded, “Now I see you contending against the woman like the adversaries. But if the Saviour made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely the Saviour knows her very well. That is why He loved her more than us.” Levi understood that Mary’s gender did not matter. Jesus loves us all; our gender means nothing.


I think Mary Magdalene is such an influential figure because she is the epitome of a reformed soul. Mary is said to have the seven powers of wraith, or the seven deadly sins, and she came to Jesus asking forgiveness. Jesus forgave her sins and, in a way, asked her to change her life. She did so and became a great friend of Jesus. She really is a bad woman turned good. I think of her as the redemption for Eve. Eve ate the forbidden fruit and dammed humans –especially women- to a life of sin. Mary gives up her life of sin for a life of salvation. 


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