My Godsend

In class we were asked if we found Young and Sullivan’s article compelling, and my answer is absolutely. I really enjoyed this article because it though in-depth about why writing is so important. I think it gave a lot of compelling examples as to why writing is so crucial, and why it will remain so. My favorite example was that of the math problems. I can easily do 6 X 7 in my head, but if a teacher asked me to perform 6723 X 376 in my head, then I could probably tell them to lay off the crack. I am very much a visual learner, so I need to see things worked out in front of me in order to learn them. As to memory, I also need to see things visually in order to memorize them. As a kid, I absolutely could not study vocabulary words unless I wrote them down several times; although, I threw several fits when my parents made me do it. To this day, writing helps me to memorize information.

Writing is also a form of expression for me. From kindergarten through my senior year in high school, I was bullied and humiliated on a daily basis. My self-esteem was completely shot, and the thought of going to school made me ill. In eighth grade my English teacher sat down and had a discussion with me, and this discussion changed my life. He told me that I was a wonderful creative writer, and that I should pursue it. Since then, creative writing has been a great outlet. I wrote poems and stories on a daily basis all thorough high school as a means of escaping reality. Without it, I honestly do not know where I would be today. Writing is my godsend.


One thought on “My Godsend

  1. Hi Kristen, your writing in the Rhetoric unit here is OUTSTANDING. I was especially moved by this post – thanks for sharing a personal story here. And to me you are also reflecting on the strength/influence of one interaction with a person who supports you. You will yourself become a great teacher! Rhetoric unit blog responses: 4/4. Excellent! MC

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