The Power of Film

When Giroux refers to film as a “form of public pedagogy,” I believe he means several things. I think the most obvious is that film is a great form of public education, but I think it goes far beyond that. Film can have great influence over our culture and politics. Almost every movie has affected our culture in some way or another. I think a great example of this is the Twilight craze.  Millions of people, mostly teenage girls, swoon over these movies and books. They begin to dress and act as the characters; some of them completely changing themselves in the process. I know several victims of the Twilight fantasy, and it is fascinating to see how these movies and books have altered them. I think we will soon see the same thing happening when 50 Shades of Grey comes to theaters. I can also think of several movies that have affected several people politically; one that comes to mind is Lincoln. Stephen Spielberg waited to release this movie because he did not want it to reflect his own political affliction, or to affect other people’s political standing during the election. I’m sure several people watched this film and became so enraptured with its politics that they started to question their own political beliefs. I, like everyone else in the world, have fallen prey to movies and their powers. All we can do it become more educated about the power film possesses and do our best to stray away from some of its controlling abilities. 


One thought on “The Power of Film

  1. HI. Lincoln was a fantastic movie. I did see the politics involved, but I was so fixated on the portayal of Lincoln that I was just fascinated by the humanity of his presidency. Yes, film is a great educator. I think this is because as the viewer, we enter the experience with many senses. The influence on our minds is compounded by the audio-visual effects and easily carry-over into our dreams and memory-banks! I had a new vision of the Civil War, Negro Soldiers, and destruction – more than other movies I have seen — and I felt greatly impacted by sacrifice and cause.

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