Writing – Then and Now-

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I found Yancey’s article to be very interesting. It gave a great insight to the history of writing, and how it has come as far as it has. I greatly value and appreciate the writing of previous centuries because it was not an easy thing to do. I couldn’t even imagine writing a simple three-page paper without a computer, yet that is what people had to do before the typewriter was invented. Even with the invention of the typewriter, writing was difficult. One could not simply press a delete button as we do now. My parents have an old typewriter in the basement that I used to play on as a little kid. I remember the frustration I felt when I made a mistake or spelled a word wrong. Not only that, but it hurt my little fingers to press down on the keys so hard. I think we definitely take modern technology such as computers, iPads –or tablets-, and cell phones for granted. As the article suggests, computers allow for more expression and creativity.

            This technology, as Yancey states, is also extremely beneficial in the classroom. I am a PowerPoint freak, and that will greatly benefit me in being a future teacher. Personally, I cannot concentrate on a lecture if there is not some sort of visual aid, mostly because I have a HORRIBLE attention span! Oh look, SQUIRL! I will spend hours working on a PowerPoint just to make sure everything is perfect! I think students are much more accepting of learning when they have visual aids to interact with, especially because they have so much technological distractions around them. When teaching students to write, they usually need a screen in front of them because this is the way the new generation is being raised. I think we need to teach students to embrace new means of writing that go beyond pencil and paper, such as social media sites, blogs, and presentation aids. 


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