Thats a Personal Problem!

There is nothing that can compare to opening a brand new book and holding it in your hands while reading. All you fellow book readers know what I am talking about when I say that I love the smell of books. For me, the smell is comforting and something to look forward to. I’m not trying to diss digital books such as the Nook, Kindle, or iPad because I think they are wonderful; that is, if you like reading off a screen. I have always been the kind of person who needs a printed source right in front of me. For example, I have had several teachers require digital textbooks, but I cannot even look at them because I HATE reading off a screen.

Quite honestly, I had a horrible time reading the Kairos article simply because it was online. I normally print online sources, but you simply could not do that with this article because there were so many links. I could only comprehend about half of what I was reading because of my intense hatred for reading online. Maybe I have such qualms about online reading that I mentally could not allow myself to comprehend the words, but I finally pushed through after a lot of internal struggle.

I think online articles or readings are wonderful for people who don’t mind looking at a screen. There are so many advantages to reading online articles, but I just cant do it. These online sources usually have links that send you to another source for more information, or they allow you to click on words to find their meaning, but that just annoys me for some reason. I will gladly stick to printing my sources or reading a book. I love technology and all of its wonderful tools, but it deeply saddens me that books are becoming obsolete. This is the way of the new century, so I better get over my qualms and join it.


One thought on “Thats a Personal Problem!

  1. Great work with your composition responses here, Kristen! I think – like everything – reading online journals like Kairos takes PRACTICE! I would love to know what you thought of what the WIDE collective article actually said (or perhaps, you have already let me know by NOT responding, eh?!). I’m going to try to attach a SHORT film for you here that reminded me of your post here! I hope you enjoy it. Great blog posts on composition unit: 4/4.
    Here’s the “Medieval Help Desk”:

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